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Rainmaker helped PeopleMover grow from startup to $30 million acquisition

Micro J, maker of recruiting and staffing software for small firms, developed an enterprise system for staffing industry leaders that cost about a million bucks, but they were still known as Micro J.

Rainmaker surveyed staffing executives to identify key values and created the PeopleMover brand.

Rainmaker then built marketing and sales systems that turned 1/3 of the Fortune 500 staffing firms into customers before PeopleMover was acquired for $30 million.


Rainmaker helped Yurcor win and get rave reviews from a key customer

Yurcor, a third-party payrolling firm, got an opportunity with the maker of processors 'inside' most PCs, but didn't have quite the right solution.

Rainmaker designed a Vendor Management System, closed the deal and implemented a combination of web and business processes so successful they generated a multi-million dollar line of business and won top vendor awards from the client every year since.


Rainmaker took Wubba from startup to acquisition by the leader in the space in just one year

Wubba, a maker of interactive dog toys, was a pet industry startup that Rainmaker helped turn into a pet industry success story in just a year.

Taking an equity position, Rainmaker aligned the brand with the product and the key customer value, then used the web, ecommerce, viral marketing, trade shows and direct mail to build direct and retail sales channels so successful that Kong, the world's top dog toy maker, bought out the Wubba line. Wubbas are available in Petco, PetSmart, Target and through other outlets worldwide.
Wubba Wubba!


Concept, a UK developer of accounting and workflow software for ad agencies, wanted to enter the US market and expand beyond its recruitment advertising niche.

Rainmaker used targeted direct mail, telemarketing and direct sales to win Concept's initial full-service advertising agency client in the US.

Build Businesses

Rainmaker created Tango Beat, a guide to Argentine Tango & Latin Culture in New York and the World.

Tango Beat, one of the world's strongest Tango brands, is multi-channel media in print, web, email, social and mobile.

Tango Beat is the world's most popular Tango magazine on the web, with a larger more engaged audience than the national Tango magazines of Argentina, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Greece.

Tango Beat's print edition is reaches food, culture, community venues and consulates across Metro New York and 2 million readers in social media.